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gayle lynn
  Gayle Lynn Schmitt
Born and raised by the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, Gayle Lynn got her first guitar as she headed off to college. After moving to San Francisco, she began playing in songwriting nights at cafes and meeting many friends who would eventually evolve into the Hired Hands. While writing and creating theater pieces, Gayle Lynn started her own music/movement program focusing on children's music. With her group, the Toodala Ramblers, who play bluegrass music for kids and families, she recorded two award winning children's CD's. By 2005, along with her long-time partner Tom Drohan, she created the Hired Hands and has performed extensively around the Bay Area and at Festivals. Just Came Around is their first CD.
  Tom Drohan
San Francisco bassist-about-town, Tom has played extensively with the Chazz Cats, the Shut Ins, Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys, and has performed/recorded with David Sobel, Ira Marlowe, Jellyroll, Daryl Scairiot, Noe Venable, Blew Willie, 3 Mile Grade, Jeanie and Chuck’s Country Roundup, Toodala Ramblers, Boiled Peanuts, JimBo Trout and the Fish People, 3 Blind Mice, Big Possum, Riff Riders, Ida Viper, Atlas Café House Band, as well as playing on every one of Gayle’s projects.  He is never home.
  Jon Mitguard
pedal steel, dobro, harmonica, backing vocals Jon is lead pedal steel man for not only The Hired Hands but also the Danny Click and the Hell Yeahs and the classic country singing duo of Stadler Gibbons Band. Jon has an ongoing collaboration with Mandolinist extraordinaire Dana Rath where they perform their original songs and instrumentals. Jon’s playing adds a distinct richness to the H. Hands sound – it’s like buttah! .
  Rik Elswit
Rik is a singer, songwriter, clergyman, raconteur, writer, teacher, purveyor of fine musical instruments, three-time loser on The Dating Game,
holder of the record for number of consecutive freshman years at USC, and arguably the best slide guitarist in Pacific Heights. He’s a former member of Dr. Hook and hosts the band conference on the Well.
  Jeanine “Jingles” Richardson
Tambourine, shakers, basic rhythm genius, stage outfit coordinator Jeanine toured for years with San Francisco’s Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra and legendary party band Big Bang Beat! The Hands met J at a gig in a sandwich shop in North Beach where she happened to have a tambourine with her and joined in = well the rest is history. A perfect sprinkling of extra rhythm + finally! some style for our stage presence! .
  Corey Losee
Ace drummer for the Shut-Ins, Corey has played with the Riff Riders, David Gans, High Diving Horses, The Chazz Cats, The Night Watchmen, and The Sons of Emperor Norton to name a few. Not only does he keep us in time during the songs but plays a huge role in the arrangement of the tunes. He is the ultimate host at our rehearsals in his Mill Valley studio – always providing cool lighting, beverages, snacks and an “everything’s going to be alright” attitude.

Helping Hands

Twirl Back Home

Austin de Lone | Piano, B-3, Fender Rhodes.  

Denise Funarik | Harmony vocals.  

Yvonne Cobbs | Harmony vocals.  

Vanessa Murphy | Harmony vocals.  

Elise Engleberg | Fiddle.  

Jordan Klien | Harmony vocals.  

Mike Stevens | Congas.  

Ben Bernstein | Recording, Mixing, Harmony Vocals, Good ideas.  

Just Came Around

Tom Meshishnek | Recording, Guitars, Keyboards, Mentoring.  

Mike Roper | Often described as a reclusive butterfly, when not playing with the Hired Hands Mr. Roper is rumored to be a performer with San Francisco's heavy rock band Cheetahs on the Moon. 

Diana “triple fiddles” Greenberg | fiddle | One of the hottest bluegrass fiddlers in the Bay Area, Diana performs with Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys as well as handling bass duties with the Whoreshoes.

Jude Levinson | background vocals | Jude is a long-standing member of San Francisco’s venerable Babar Café Jug Band, as well
as a great songwriter.

Misisipi Mike Wolf | guitar | Mike is a founding member and lead guitarist of Misisipi Rider, The Country Squires, The Boiled Peanuts, Calamity & Main, and the Plain High Drifters. He is the go-to guy for guitar in San Francisco. Mike is also the Creator of eyeball pleasing posters. Contact him to make your next gig announcement.

David Phillips | pedal steel | "The reigning king of pedal steel in the Bay Area," David is equally at home playing polkas, Hawaiian music
or country western tunes, not to mention bringing his unique sound to back artists such as Big Lou,Tom Waits, Nora Jones, and
John Wesley Harding.
Chuck Poling | mandolin | A native of San Francisco’s Mission District and a founding member of Jeanie & Chuck’s Country Roundup, 
Chuck also finds time to host a bluegrass jam each month, compose great tunes, MC great shows, write articles and keep up a hilarious blog.
Debbie Reed | harmony vocals | Debbie sings with The Cabrillo Choir as well as playing bass with Santa Cruz-based Pourhouse.
Joe Reed | accordion | Joe writes, sings and plays keyboards and accordion with Pourhouse.

Pete Cornell | saxophones | Pete has played with Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums and the Chazz Cats, and currently is busy
with Mazacote and Tin Cup Serenade. 
Scott Young | trombone | Scott usually performs as singer, guitarist and main composer in San Francisco’s award-winning band Red Meat. 

The Shut-Ins, a warped and whiskey-addled band of jocular troubadours - featured on the track 'Norma Jean'
John Poultney | guitar; Rick Hendricks | resophonic guitar
; Roper | ukulele , Losee | traps, Drohan | bass.
Michael Winger | Mixing Michael Romanowski | Mastering 
Mike Melnyk | Photography

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